The future of your business, step by step

We offer you our expertise in all the necessary steps to make your business a success – from consulting and strategy to the final application of each product from each campaign.

Strategy and consulting

We make a profound, integral analysis which we use to determine the best options available to get the best results for your project and your company.


Customer acquisition


We built strategies, programs and campaigns for the acquisition and retention of customers. Our focus on results transforms your investment to potential customers.


Demand generation


We study your industry. We put your brand on a pedestal, install a reflector pointed to it, and we light it up. Then we measure with precision how much people turn their heads to your brand and make adjustments to attract only the gaze of those who meet your criteria.

Web and app development

A brand with no online presence is a brand that doesn’t exist for millions of potential customers. At MIQ we develop web sites and apps designed to give you the projection you want for your company.


Web site / Online store / Mobile apps / Augmented reality / Blog


We know the gears that drive the most important search engines, such as Google and Bing, and we make sure your brand shows up at the top of search results when people look for what you are selling. Shortening the gap between you and your customers is our prime directive. We make use of every available tool to accomplish these goals. With the proper strategy, potential customers will not miss your brand when they search online.

Social media

Likes, shares, stories … your customers want to be connected to you. We will connect you to them.


How many times have you used mailing lists only to find your customers thought of you as “junk mail” or have canceled their subscription?


We produce relevant content for your customers, keeping them up to date and helping you maintain a relationship with them.

SEM and digital campaigns

We build solid strategies and digital campaigns to increase your presence on the web through paid search platforms such as Google AdWords, Bing Ads and Yahoo Search Ads.


Your brand’s identity, what it represents and its importance is one of the fundamental messages not only you, but your employees, contributors and ultimately your customers must be able to understand, value and verbalize with ease.

Professional Video and Photography

We can create high-quality video content for digital platforms, social media, TV, movies and other applications.


We offer professional photo sessions for all kinds of applications, such as social media, print, websites, mobile apps and much more.